“My activism did not spring from being black . . . The racial injustice that was present in this country during my youth was a challenge to my belief in the oneness of the human family.” — Bayard Rustin

Civic Engagement Initiative: We, the People

We, the People builds upon the organizing strategies of the Tea Party and the Occupy Washington movement by tapping into the tensions between government accountability and the empowerment of people. This initiative is about developing well informed people and helping them understand the value of voting and engaging in social change. Specific activities will include: Civics 101 workshops, voter registration, campaign development, and a get out the vote initiative.

Immigration Initiative: Building Bridges

This initiative includes three major activities, Preparation, Data Collection, and Campaign Development. During the Preparation phase we will create an advisory council, build relationships with other organizations (ongoing), and train facilitators. During the Data Collection phase we will develop and distributing a survey for Black Americans and immigrants to gauge their beliefs, attitudes, and knowledge about the other, host focus groups, and develop a report of our findings that will be posted on the website, distributed more widely, and used to inform our later work. During the Campaign Development phase we will create audio and video stories to use as discussion pieces, host Community Conversations that include cultural exchange activities, including storytelling and drumming circles, develop short term and longer term policy and advocacy campaigns, and evaluate our outcomes to determine next steps.

Health Initiative: Caring and Compassionate Communities

Caring and Compassionate Communities takes a broad view of health including physical, mental, and spiritual and the choices women in particular make around health. This initiative includes monthly discussions pertaining to women’s health topics, STI testing and informational meetings, a women’s health summit for women of all backgrounds, sports and health activities, and collaborations with other organizations around health.