Burning Bowl 2020 “Homecoming”

Burning Bowl 2020 “Homecoming”
Join us for our annual Burning Bowl event! This year we’ll gather to celebrate Affinity’s 25th year together! We’re burning the old and setting in motion the positive changes we want to see in ourselves, our community and the world. 

When:  Saturday, January 11, 2020 from 1:00 – 4:00PMWhere: Charles Hayes Center, 4859 S Wabash Ave, Chicago, 60615Cost: Free, lunch served 
Save time and RSVP now instead of Saturday!

If you register by 12:00PM on Friday, January 10th, you will be entered to win an Affinity shirt with our new branding! 

Ann-Morgan Rowell to receive the Robbie Smith Award!  
Ann Rowell is is a longtime Affinity supporter, and peer leader for Affinity’s longest running peer-led group, 40 Plus. 

The Drum Divas are Back! 
The Drum Divas are a dynamic collective of women who have come together to rejoice in the art of percussive music. Drum Divas focus is to create original drum songs with a goal of planetary healing.  

A Poetry Reading from e. nina jay!  e nina jay defines herself as a black womon lesbian poet.  Her desire is to break silences around the many different forms of violence against black gurls & womyn.

Keynote Address by Imani Rupert-Gordon
Affinity’s Executive Director will deliver the Keynote address and her farewell to Affinity!
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Anna DeShawn is President of the Board of Directors at ACS.

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