Our Mission

Affinity Community Services is a social justice organization serving the needs of the Black LGBTQ community of Chicago with a particular focus on Black women.

Our Vision

Affinity Community Services envisions a society where being your authentic self is not a liability and differences are fully embraced.

Our Values

We value Community and the personal power inherent in its individual members to help shape their own lives and to use Affinity as a channel for positive change.

Recovery from the many systems that oppress, define, and debilitate our people and our communities and its messiness as we seek to reclaim, redefine, and rejoice in our work and our living.

Healthy shared leadership that does not expect martyrdom, but embraces reflection, succession, and rejuvenation.

Accountability in our stewardship of community resources, agreed upon expectations, and operations.

Knowledge in all its forms, including the experiences of individuals, community histories, and other evidence-informed data, to create our own narratives and agendas.

Safe spaces where all people are respected, discretion and confidentiality are maintained, and space is created for non-judgmental communication and difficult conversations.

Critical justice as an approach to social justice work so that we do not unconsciously replicate the very structures, systems, or ways of doing business that we are striving to dismantle.

Reciprocal relationships with the communities we serve, community leaders, our organizational partners, board members, other volunteers, and staff in recognition of our interconnectedness in the course of doing social justice work.

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