Affinity Board President Announcement

Affinity Board President Announcement


I hope this correspondence finds you well. I am writing to share some fantastic news about upcoming changes in Affinity’s leadership. During my six years on the Board of Directors, Affinity has grown tremendously. There are so many amazing accomplishments that I can’t list them all, however, I would like to highlight three of my proudest moments:

  • In August  Affinity moved into our new space & hired our second executive director.
  • Affinity had the opportunity to participate in the Department of Justice’s investigation of the Chicago Police Department. Our participation provided an analysis on the treatment of LGBTQ women of color by the Chicago Police Department.
  • Affinity’s Proud Parents have held our annual Proud Family Picnic for the past two years.

It has always been my goal to serve my community, and it has been an incredible honor for me to serve on Board of Affinity since 2011, and as board president since 2013. The love affair between Affinity and I came at a time when we needed each other most! When I needed community, Affinity was there; and when she needed an ambassador to propel her to the next level, I was there. I promised her that when the time came for our relationship to end, I would leave her stronger than when we united!

Well, my friends, the time has come for Affinity and I to part ways. I have made the decision to step down as Board President effective October 31, 2017. Although I am stepping down, I will always be in integral part of Affinity and will continue to support her in any way possible!  The Board and staff are well prepared for my transition and Anna DeShawn, who has been working closely with me for the past couple of years, is more than capable of stepping into the role of Board President and moving Affinity onward and upward!  

Thank you so much for your contribution to Affinity, and I hope that you continue to support with your time, talent and treasure! I made a video for you as well for a more personal goodbye. Don’t consider this goodbye for good; consider this goodbye for now!!!

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Anna DeShawn is President of the Board of Directors at ACS.
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